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Bonnie Hall, owner of Trusted Caregivers with her client of many  years.
Bonnie Hall has spent her entire life using her abilities and her faith to help others. As a mother of 7 children she understands the improtance of Christianity, family and taking care of others. One of her many core values she has always tried to pass on to her children and loved ones is that of integrity.
Through her life Bonnie has accomplished many venues. Starting as a chef, she worked her way up to management of various restuarants and bakery's. When her mother had a stroke and could no longer live alone, Bonnie brought her home to care for her. During the years her mother lived with her, Bonnie observed how the needs of the elderly could be helped by caring and attentive people. Later she began to notice a growing need among local communities for experienced and responsible home care providers.  Today she serves as owner and administrator of Trusted Caregivers and continues to provide home care to satisfied customers.
"We are a Christian Agency and believe that this work is a ministry. We want to bring peace of mind and body for your loved ones. We
want to form a bond between our clients and caregivers. We care for them as we would our own family. Our care and concern bring trust to the client and to their families".
If you are interested in becoming a caregiver with our company, please call and we will meet and see if our needs and interests are a good fit. We require that all those who work for us have the CPR and First Aid course. We welcome Certified Nurses Technicians, Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses and Certified Medical Assistants as well as caregivers who want to provide the same values we stand for. 
We work with Hospice for Elder Care as well as with Cancer patients.
                         Thank you for choosing Trusted Caregivers.
                              Bonnie Hall and the staff of
                      Trusted Caregivers, LLC
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